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Words And Phrases Advisors Should Avoid
When offering a market perspective or sitting down with a client for a portfolio review, word choice can make all the difference. Yet much of the language that has become commonplace in the investment industry does not resonate with clients. Ramble on about a complicated investment product, for example, and clients’ eyes may glaze over. Worse, some terms that advisors are accustomed to may be unintentionally communicating a negative message, particularly following the 2008 market collapse.

“Sometimes advisors can be so wrapped up in trying to sound real intelligent by using these words or phrases that have been thrown around so many times that they no longer mean anything," Carrie Rosen, branch director and financial advisor at RBC Wealth Management, said. "This can result in the client really tuning out completely."

Click through for a list of words Rosen personally avoids (and suggestions for what to use instead) as well as some tips provided by Dave Saylor, executive director of Invesco Consulting.