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Ranking the best
On Wall Street each year ranks the highest-producing advisers in wealth management who are under 40. These planners have youth and determination in common, plus a work ethic that sets them apart from others in a competitive field.

Finalists had to be no older than 39 as of Dec. 31, 2016 and be employed at the wirehouses, regional broker-dealers or boutique wealth management firms. Production totals were used to determine the rankings.

To learn who made nos. 21 to 30 in this latest ranking, click through our slideshow.

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No. 30: Lawrence DePaulis
Firm: UBS
Age: 39
Production: $2,418,402
AUM: $165,740,513
No. 29: Adam Rosenfeld
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Age: 38
Production: $2,434,845
AUM: $519,479,533
No. 28: Derek Jancisin
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Age: 28
Production: $2,522,805
AUM: $755,942,582
No. 27: Kevin Bruegge
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Age: 36
Production: $2,526,069
Assets: $651,625,863
No. 26: Maxwell Bull
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Age: 35
Production: $2,660,618
AUM: $470,058,587
No. 25: Stephen Bealer
Firm: Merrill Lynch
Age: 35
Production: $2,734,153
AUM: $598,389,609
Jordan Eisenberg_Morgan Stanley_Photo_No.35.jpg
No. 24: Jordan Eisenberg
Firm: Morgan Stanley
Age: 37
Production: $2,772,010
AUM: $183,288,300
No. 23: Alberto Matias Cohen
Firm: UBS
Age: 39
Production: $2,780,093
AUM: $457,889,769
No. 22: Jacob Creydt
Firm: UBS
Age: 37
Production: $2,842,668
AUM: $494,959,877
No. 21: Thais Piotrowski
Firm: Ameriprise
Age: 34
Production: $2,860,329
AUM: $261,621,100