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The Elite: Regional Advisors Under 40 to Watch
One advisor was previously a mountaineer, guiding clients to mountaintops before he began helping guide their financial lives. Another managed the branch of a retail bank at age 18. These standouts and others made the cut in On Wall Street's latest annual ranking of advisors under the age of 40. The members of this elite group come from all walks of life, from small suburban towns, such as Patchogue, N.Y., to big cities such as Chicago.

Yet while these industry leaders have varied origin stories, their successes share similar foundations.

In their dedication to clients, these advisors go above and beyond what may be necessary. "They have 24 hours, seven days a week access to me," says Morgan Stanley's John Perry, who ranks as No. 1.

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Almost all say they take a conservative approach to investing, which several of this year's top advisors say will keep them growing into the future.

"As long as I continue to make that my goal, as long as I'm not reaching for returns, then we'll be set up for future success," says Chris Vollmer of RBC Wealth Management.

Finally, many of this year's top advisors under 40 place a premium not only on the importance of hard work, but of teamwork, too. Many credited their co-workers and mentors with helping set them up for future success. Raymond James & Associates' Jay Hack cites the mentorship of his father, who is an advisor at the same firm, as a key reason he has been able to serve his clients and their families as well as he does.

"It's the importance of family — the importance of our family and those that we service," Hack says. "It's this watchword that we just keep coming back to."

Learn from the profiles, including this year's expanded list of the top 25 advisors at regional broker-dealers, how these elite advisors built their businesses.