Slideshow Tech Spending on Wall Street in 2012: Is the Bull Back?

  • January 11 2012, 8:59pm EST
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Tech Spending on Wall Street in 2012: Is the Bull Back?

Spending on hardware, software and communications all is expected to grow by more than 5% this year, in the latest Gartner forecasts.

Is this the year that not just trading firms, but companies of all stripes get bullish on technology spending, again?

Here's a snapshot look at the consulting firm's prognostication.


Spending on desktop computers, servers and other computing devices is expected to grow from $404 billion to $424 billion, worldwide.

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Spending on programs and writing of applications is expected to grow from $268 billion to $285 billion.


This is cooling down. Growth is expected to be less than half of that a year ago, with spending hitting $874 billion.


As work forces get more mobile, spending is rising. Expect $475 billion to be spent worldwide – more than on computing gear.

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Already huge, expect spending on bandwidth and networking of various types to be $1.74 billion, up from $1.70 billion.


Yes, a negative number. PCs are falling out of favor and don’t need to be replaced as frequently. Unit sales in 2012 are projected at 369.0 million, down from 403.8 million.


Aahh, but then there are tablets. Maybe only 58 million got sold in 2011, because of “continued weakness of non-iPad sales.” But Gartner expects more than 90 million to get sold in 2012.