Slideshow Social Responsibility and Wealth

  • July 06 2012, 11:22am EDT
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Dimensions of Responsible Wealth Creation

Individuals put similar weight on different aspects of responsible wealth creation, whereas advisors see a hierarchy in the factors that contribute to responsible wealth creation.

Achieving Full Potential

Individuals see the most room for growth to achieve their potential as responsible wealth creators on wider issues such as charity, ethical investing, environment responsibility and engagement in civil society.

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Global Threats to Wealth

Overall, wealth creators see driving forces in social and economic change as opportunities rather that threats. Twenty-five percent of wealth creators surveyed see war and terrorism as a major threat and only 23 percent see it as a minor threat to their assets.

Countering Threats, Leveraging Opportunities

Rather than running in face of threats, a majority of wealth creators are leveraging the opportunities created by the drivers of economic and social change. Through business and investments, these wealth creators are also countering threats posed to them via business investments and social activities.

Actions Toward Responsible Wealth Creation

When surveyed, wealth creators said they would take a variety of actions to achieve their full potential as responsible wealth creators. These actions include relocating, using ethical practices and investing in an attempt to balance business with social actions.