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ETF Highlight Reel: Records Broken, Best Launches
The ETF market remains on a tear. Despite a shaky summer in the markets, the extent to which the investment product continues to gather assets and break investment records in the process is truly something to marvel.

The Investment Company Institute reports that U.S. ETF assets stayed above a record-setting $2 trillion mark at the end of the last quarter. Considering that represents a fraction of the entire investment market, Bloomberg notes it is remarkable how much ETFs account for U.S. trading activity.

"The turnover in ETFs is about 870% a year," Bloomberg reports. "This is more than four times the turnover for U.S. stocks, which comes in at about 200%."

Volatility in international markets punished some fund categories, but plenty of new winners could be found in the investment sectors of science and technology.

Here's a rundown of the most important market statistics from the first half of the year.

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