Slideshow Election 2012: A Donors' Who's Who

  • September 07 2012, 9:30am EDT
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Election 2012: A Donors' Who's Who

As the election approaches, advisors and their firms are watching closely. There's a lot at stake from tax reform to healthcare and the fiscal cliff, so it's no surprise that many banks and their CEOs are dropping their two cents (or $200,000) in the political piggy bank. But who's giving where?

Many donations fall to the right, "as is the case with the greater securities and investment industry this decade, although [the industry] tends to give more to the political party in power," says, which maintains a public record of campaign contributions for individuals, organizations and PACs.


Donor: Ameriprise

Contribution: $112,000

Recipient: 40% Democrat/60% Republican

Candidate with the Most Contributions: Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY

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Donor: Thomas James

CEO, Raymond James

Contributions: $47,500
Recipient: Republican National Committee
$8,000 Republican Congressional Candidates
$2,500 Mitt Romney
$1,000 Republican Party of Florida

Donor: John Taft

CEO, Royal Bank of Canada

Contribution: $2,000
Recipient: Democratic Congressional Candidates

Donor: UBS

Contribution: $1,633,516

Recipient: Democrats 44%/Republicans 56%


$244,000 Mitt Romney
$85,050tBarack Obama
$32,245 Kirsten Gillibrand D-NY
$24,000 Scott Brown, R-MA
$22,700 Bob Corker, R-TN

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Donor: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Contribution: $129,934
Recipients: 37% Democrats/63% Republicans

Donor: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Contribution: $947,390
Recipients: 16% Democrats/75% Republicans

Donor: Wells Fargo

Contribution: $471,000
Recipients: 41% Democrats/59% Republicans

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Donor: Edward Jones

Contribution: $132,150
Recipients: 38% Democrats/61% Republicans

Donor: James Weddle

Managing Partner, Edward Jones
Contribution: $7,500 Republican Congressional Candidates
$2,500 Mitt Romney
$4,800 Ben Nelson (D)