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OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW how wealth is shared
Planners are the single biggest influence on financial decision making for UHNW clients and their family members, a recent industry study says.
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Who does your client turn to most for guidance on their finances?
OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW - intergenerational wealth advice
The preferred choice
OWS.05042015.Slideshow.asset allocation advice
Financial planners are key players in helping with investment decisions.
An opportunity for you to step up and help your client's investing needs.
OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW - 50%
Difficult relatives are a road-block to family wealth decisions.
OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW - investment policy statement
Your clients and their relatives may not care that much about these planning documents.
OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW - 42%
The big role you play providing investment advice to your client and their family members.
OWS.Slideshow.05042016.UHNW - benchmark
Your client and their relatives may have different ways of determining the financial success of their portfolios.