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No. 40: Matias Cohen

Firm: UBS

Location: Miami, FL

Production: $2.69 million

AUM: $305.18 million

Age: 36

Matias Cohen serves a stable of clients who generally prefer to avoid risks. Most of his clients are overseas investors who have historically opted to invest in bonds, rather than equity.

This past year, however, the prevailing low-interest rates on bonds required Cohen to help his clients find other investments. He had to search for alternatives and then hold the hands of his clients who were tentative about making such changes in their asset portfolios. The searching and handholding tasks created some of Cohen’s biggest professional challenges of the year. “You’ve ended up taking more risks this year than you would in a normal year,” Cohen says. He generated about 50 percent of his revenues from transactional charges and the other half from assets under management fees.

Despite expanding into new kinds of investments for his clients, Cohen remains confident about the future because of his faith in his long-time partners. For the past 15 years, Cohen has worked closely with the same two advisors. All three are natives of Argentina; all three are bilingual. “The most important thing is that we work as a team,” Cohen says. The three dedicate themselves to ultra-high net worth clients and divide tasks amongst themselves based on each of their separate skill sets—without letting their egos clash.