Slideshow 15 Social Media Tips to Improve Your Practice

  • April 23 2013, 2:51pm EDT

15 Social Media Tips to Improve Your Practice

Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn are changing the way advisors communicate with clients. How can advisors better use social media to take their practice to the next level?
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1. Find New Clients on Facebook

Your Facebook strategy for your practice should be different from your Twitter and LinkedIn approaches, with a more personal touch.

“Facebook needs to be more personal,” says Matthew Halloran, advisor coach and author of The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors.

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2. Find New Clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most widely-used social media platform among financial advisors. It’s also the best one for lead generation, because it’s meant to be a business networking site.

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3. Use Twitter to Find New Clients

Given the mix of personal and professional content that people share on Twitter, it could be a great resource for finding new clients.

Twitter is the easiest way to build a brand on social media, says Matthew Halloran, advisor coach and author of The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors.

4. It’s Time to Join Google+

Are you on Google+ yet? You should be, especially if you have a blog.

“Link your blog posts to a personal Google+ page using the Google Authorship tool to get a head start on Google’s new search algorithm, AuthorRank,” says Michael Kitces, partner and director of research at Pinnacle Advisory Group and an active social media user.

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5. Make Facebook Marketing Work for You

Facebook’s user base has grown to more than 1 billion. With more and more clients shifting their attention toward social media platforms, advisors should consider creating a stronger Facebook presence.
If you’re not using Facebook at all, it’s time to set up a profile. And if you are already using Facebook, launch a Facebook marketing campaign, says Matt Halloran, founder of Top Advisor Coaching.

6. Get More out of Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most widely used social platform among financial professionals. But are you getting the most you can out of it?

7. The Secret to Getting Your Social Media Message Shared

Putting out content is the first part of the equation. Next up: Getting it shared.
“The first rule to getting your online audience to share your message is to ensure that your messages are valuable,” says Maggie Crowley, digital marketing coordinator of Advisor Websites. “As a financial professional, share your knowledge about a specific topic or offer templates or guides that will help your viewers solve a problem.”

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8. Upgrade Your Blog

Blog posts don’t have to be just text -- and might be even better if you include multimedia.

“If writing is not your strong suit, consider video blogging or posting audio content instead,” says Marie Swift, founder of Impact Communications.

9. Streamline your Social Media Strategy

A successful social media strategy will take time, so make your efforts as efficient as possible.

“There's no doubt that social media can be time consuming,” says Robert Sofia, co-founder of coaching firm Platinum Advisor Strategies. Don't let this overwhelm you, he adds. “You shouldn't feel like you need to be on social media all day.”

10. Mobilize your Social Media Efforts

As you take your website and even your practice mobile, it’s time to do the same for your social media efforts.

“Get comfortable with mobile applications and tools that allow you to share content and engage in social networking on the go,” says Stephanie Sammons, founder of Wired Advisor, a digital marketing firm for advisors.

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11. Weave Social into your Site

Now that you’re active on social media, it is time to consider some ways to integrate it into your existing website.
Try using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons to weave social media into your website.

12. Measure your Social Media Success

Don’t get frustrated if your new social media activity hasn’t yet made you a Twitter celebrity.

Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to social media, says Blane Warrene, co-founder of the social media archiving firm Arkovi, now a part of RegEd. “Don’t grade yourself by number of followers, [but] by engagement,” Warrene says.

13. When it Comes to Social Media: Keep it Short and Sweet

Less is more and more is less. This applies to the digital world, too.
Advisors should post short, catchy headlines and shortened links on Twitter, says Marie Swift, president and chief executive officer of Impact Communications.

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14. Be Yourself on Social Media

Social media, as the name suggests, is about being social and connecting with others. Being boring, dry or too formal won’t work. You have to be yourself, experts say.
“Social networks appreciate the authentic voice and your unique perspective,” says Victor Gaxiola, social media expert for compliance technology firm Actiance. “Ensure that your digital self is a reflection of who you are in real life, quirks and all.”

15. Go Beyond LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

By now you’ve likely mastered the big three: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. What about all the other social platforms out there?“Focus on the ones that have the most people who are the most engaged,” says Stephanie Sammons, founder of Wired Advisor, a digital marketing firm for advisors. “Find the places where your target demographic spends time online.”

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