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Sounding Off: Cyberattack Threats

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Cyberattacks remain a huge concern for the banking channel and Chuck Hagel said that they could potentially bring down the U.S. financial network.

After this story ran, several industry insiders sounded off on the topic of cyberattacks including Tim McSherry, an area manager for Check Point.

For a long time, while even the largest organizations knew they needed to protect themselves, they couldn’t quite grasp what they needed to protect themselves against.  Well publicized attacks on major commercial banks, including JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, among them has brought much needed attention to how real these emerging threats are. 

Could cyberattacks bring down the U.S. financial network?  Not only is it possible, it’s already happened to major contributing institutions.  Receiving less attention is the fact that these attacks are plaguing all verticals, including government, health care, media, and others. 

While the motivation behind these attacks are intriguing, what to do about them is  more important to address.  The good news is that there are solutions. A well-planned organizational security posture will have people, products, and procedures defined to address intrusion prevention, denial of service, and data loss prevention.  While it may sound daunting, it’s not, if you partner with the appropriate experts.

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