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This $5.3M advisor’s hero is Thomas Edison. Here’s why

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Grit, persistence and tenacity. These are the qualities advisor Arash Nassi admires, and which he says are personified his personal hero, Thomas Edison.

Nassi, who ranked No. 3 on this year’s Top 40 Under 40, shared this and other details about his approach to work with On Wall Street, which is taking a deep dive into the practices of advisors who led the ranking. His advice to industry newcomers? Believe in what you say. Biggest accomplishment? Expanding his team.

Read on to learn more about Nassi.

Finalists for the Top 40 Under 40 were to be no older than 39 as of Dec. 31, 2018. They also had to be registered with a firm in the employee channel. Nominees’ information was confirmed with their employers. Production totals were used to determine the rankings. Production and AUM figures are as of Sept. 30, 2018.

How would you describe your practice?

We have a team of highly motivated and inventive individuals that find solutions for our diverse client base, from real estate moguls to influencers in the entertainment industry.

What was your biggest work accomplishment in 2018, and was there something that nearly kept you from achieving it?

Building a strong and knowledgeable team that is able to meet the various and ever-changing needs of our clients.

What was your biggest personal accomplishment in 2018?

Spending more time with my wife and three children. I took time off to travel with them and attended almost all their sporting events. A better work/life balance was a big accomplishment.

Describe the best 15 minutes of your work week.

The morning huddle when everyone on the team is in sync and things get done. Music to my ears.

The advisors at the top of the ranking generated more than $59 million in combined annual revenue.
February 4

What’s the toughest part of your job?

Fitting everything I want to accomplish in a 24-hour window. Prioritizing is key.

What makes you stand out as an advisor?

We have a team of seven individuals who brings many different solutions to the table. The question is never “Can it be done?” It’s, “How can it be done?”

What do you think people often misunderstand about the work advisors do?

A common misunderstanding is what advisors do is simply investing and asset allocation. One of the more difficult aspects of what we do is emotional management. Clients may not always recognize it, but it is often the most significant driver of how well their assets perform over time.

If you could get Americans to change one financial habit this year, what would it be?

Investing more and learning the power of compounding interest.

What advice do you give to new FAs?

Talk and act with conviction; believe in what you say. If you don’t, then nobody else will.

What trends are you watching in 2019?

Yield curve, specifically 90-day T-Bills vs. 5-year Treasury and 2-year Treasury vs. 10-year Treasury. Consumer debt levels and default rates are also top of mind.

What technology can you not live without?

My iPad. It’s all things at all times!

Who is your personal hero?

Thomas Edison. His grit and persistence to find solutions regardless of the challenges presented. His tenacity changed the course of history.

What is your morning beverage of choice?

A double espresso shot with a spoonful of peanut butter.

What goal, professional or personal, do you most want to achieve in 2019?

$1 billion in AUM.

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