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Case study: how social media can attract clients

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I recently heard this during an introductory meeting with a prospect: "I've watched every one of your videos and read every post you've written on your site."

I couldn't help but blush. Not only was this a huge compliment, but I knew at that moment I was very close to gaining a new client.

Here's some background:

When I left my firm last year to form a practice focused on teachers, I did not take any teacher clients with me. Although some of my existing clients had in fact been educators, I was subject to a non-compete agreement that restricted me from taking or contacting these clients.

So while I worked on building new prospective relationships, I thought I wouldn't hear from these people again.

Yet six months after I started running my RIA, I saw a familiar email subscribe to my blog updates.

Three months later, my former clients -- both teachers -- contacted me to arrange an introductory meeting.

What I learned: Soon after I left to start my RIA, they decided to terminate their relationship with my old firm. The husband starting searching for specific information relating to their situation. That's when he found my blog posts and realized I had left the company to start my own firm.

As he watched the videos, explored my website and read my posts, he decided that he needed detailed advice specific to the couple's situation. My blogging, social media updates and research into my niche led to a new client relationship.

If you are a blog creator and have not seen many results, don't despair. People are reading your content, and making up their mind as to whether they should hire you. Keep going and you may end up with a pleasant compliment just like the one I received.

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