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Big Opportunity For Many Advisors & Clients After Gay Marriage Rulings

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In the wake of this week's landmark gay rights decision from the Supreme Court, financial advisors have as many questions as answers for their same-sex clients about how the ruling with impact their wealth management, tax and estate planning.

Check out a collection of stories from our writers to get a better understanding of how the ruling will impact you and your clients.

Gay Rights Rulings Have Big Impact for Advisors

A pair of Supreme Court rulings Wednesday will bring major changes for advisors who work with same-sex couples. What will this mean for your practice?

Supreme Court Ruling Narrows Benefit Gap for Gay Couples: Taxes

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the core of the Defense of Marriage Act will narrow the financial gap between gay and straight couples.

Same-Sex Couples: The Emerging Client Niche

Advisors are helping gay and lesbian clients face the unique barriers to achieving their financial goals

Practice Profile: A Practice to Be Proud of

Marcum's fast-growing LGBT division brings pride and profits

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