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Top 40 under 40: Profiles in success
The numbers alone are impressive: 10 advisors, $30 billion in combined AUM, $150 million in production.

These young planners who led the Top 40 under 40 ranking are, in many ways, the cream of the crop. They share a strong work ethic, diligent attention to detail and competitive mindset. But from there they diverge, with each taking a different approach to structuring their practices and serving their clients.

In Dane Runia's office, the emphasis is on what's happening in a client’s personal life more than anything transpiring within their portfolio.

"If you sat in one of our typical client meetings, you'd be surprised how often we're talking about something other than finances," says Runia, who ranked No. 1 on this year's Top 40 list and works at Merrill Lynch.

Adam Merino, a Morgan Stanley broker who came in No. 6, emphasizes the team-oriented model of his practice. He eschews what he calls a "hierarchical" structure in favor of a "horizontal working environment" where all members work collaboratively and sit at the same desk.

"We all wear multiple hats, so there's not a defined role for one person versus another," he says.

But regardless of how they built their practices, it's resulted in similar results: professional success and more intimate client relationships. In Bob White's case, he actually presided over a client's wedding at Grand Central Station in New York.

"That's the fun part about this job. It's really about making that personal connection with people, making a difference and making a change," says White, a HighTower advisor who ranked No. 3.

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Finalists for the ranking had to be no older than 39 as of Dec. 31, 2017 and be employed at the regional broker-dealers. Production totals were used to determine the rankings.