Coryann  Stefansson

Coryann Stefansson

Cory‘s expertise is focused on Federal Reserve Supervision and Regulation of large and systemically important foreign and domestic firms. Moreover, Cory has been leading the firm's efforts on the Volcker Rule. In that capacity, she has assisted a number of Global Systemically Important Banks (both US and Non US based) think through the implications and impact of the rule as well as providing insight into the possible compliance and reporting requirements. She regularly speaks at conferences regarding the Volcker Rule. During her tenure at PwC she has also advised major international banks on regulatory matters including dealing with enforcement actions and evaluating Basel II readiness. Cory also spends part of her time in the federal regulatory space advising on increasing the impact of monitoring and surveillance as a supervision tool. Prior to joining PwC, Cory was an Associate Director at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, with responsibility for advising staff and the Governors on issues relating to the largest, most complex banking organizations, including applications, enforcement actions, and matters related to safety and soundness. During the recent financial crisis, Cory led the Supervisory Capital Assessment Program, commonly referred to as the Supervisory Stress Tests.Prior to her responsibilities at the Board of Governors, she led Basel II implementation for the Federal Reserve System from 2003 to mid-2007. She was a lead Federal Reserve representative for interagency Basel II rule and guidance development. She was key in the development of Supervisory Colleges both in the US and in the AIG. She also served as the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve’s representative for the Accord Implementation Group and the Standards Implementation Group. Cory also held a number of leadership positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, including in the Market Risk Group and in Relationship Management for large, complex banking organizations. While a Relationship Manager for a complex foreign bank, she coordinated and negotiated with a number of foreign regulatory agencies including the FSA and the EBK regarding supervisory issues of mutual interest . Cory also spent a number of years in the capital markets, where she traded bank debt and later brokered derivatives for financial organizations. Cory’s areas of expertise include traded products controls (including fixed income, currency, and equity trading), wholesale credit risk management, Basel II implementation requirements, liquidity and funding, financial analysis, and corporate governance.